Monday, November 21, 2011

A Chinese Self Massage in the Morning

A self-massage is good for you health, too.
Instead of a cup of coffee, right after you get out of bed, you can give yourself a Chinese self-massage to wake up your body and help balance your energy channels.  It only takes a few minutes, but it will give help you wake up and feel great about starting your new day. 

These techniques trace the energy channels of the body and help clear them for proper energy glow.  There are also closing massage techniques after meditation or movement exercises, as shown in the video at the end of the instructions.  Without further adieu, here is the sequence and methods that I use as I sit on the side of the bed when I get up:

1.  Place both hands with the palms facing the nape of the neck and bring both hands over the top of the head to the forehead, down to the jaw and back to the nape.  Do this eight times in this direction and reverse the direction for another eight times. 

2.  Place the second knuckle of each of the thumbs where the nose meets the bottom of the eyebrow and rub outwards eight times.  Also trace below the eyes in the same manner eight times.

3.  Roll the eyes in a circle eight times in one direction and then eight times in the opposite direction.

4.  Rub the ears with the thumb and the forefinger, starting at the top front, working your way backwards to the ear lobes.  Do this eight times and then do the same thing in the reverse direction.

5.  Rub with your first two finger tips on each side of the nose 20 times.  You may want to do more repetitions of this one if you are having sinus problems.

6.  Click the teeth together eight times, then roll the tongue three times in one direction and then three times in the next direction.  Swallow your saliva and follow it down to your lower dantien.  Repeat this sequence eight times.

7.  With the right palm, follow the left arm from the palm of the left hand to the armpit and then over the shoulder and down the outside of the arm to the hand.  Allow the palm of the right hand to whisk past the top of the left hand and then repeat seven more times.  Repeat this on the other arm.

8.  With the right palm, stroke the front left side of the body twenty times, going from the shoulder to the inguinal crease of the hips.  Do the same on the right side of the body.

9.  With the palms of the hands, massage the ming men or kidney area of the back twenty times.

10.  Stand and place the palm of the right hand on the lower dantien (2" below the navel) and then place the palm of the left hand over the right.  Rub in a clockwise direction, making larger circles until you get to the outer edges of the belly for a total of 36 circles.  Change the orientation of the hands, and move from the outer edge of the belly back to the dantien in a counterclockwise direction.  For men, use the opposite hand orientation.

11.  At the inguinal crease area on top of the thigh, place your thumbs with the palms of the hand on the side of the thigh.  Rub outward to the knee twenty times.

12.  Place the palms of the hands on the top of each knee and rube twenty times in a circle in one direction and then twenty times in the opposite direction.

13.  Place the thumbs on the shin below the knee and the palms on the outside of the calf and rub downwards twenty times.

14.  Place the palms of the hands at the inside of the ankles and rub up and down the inside of the legs twenty times.

15.  Put one of the feet on top of your knee and rub the bottom of the feet from the toes to the heel twenty times and then massage the K1 (Yong Quan) point in front of the middle of the foot.  If you don't know where it is, there is a depression in the foot between the first knuckle of the toes and the middle.  If you still don't know, there is a picture on this site. Do the same on the other side.

16. Place both feet on the floor and rest the palms of the hands on the lower dantien and take 20 abdominal breaths and focus your attention on the lower dantien, letting the energy settle there.  Then get up and do some qigong exercises to take advantage of the abundant energy that is flowing in the morning!


Here is a closing massage practice show by Master Pan Shaozu, who lives in Gansu Province of China.  He was 85 years old at the time this video was taken and was able to wield a broadsword deftly as well.

May your practice be rewarding!