Friday, January 20, 2012

Qigong and the Principles of T'ai Chi. Part I

Qigong is based on the principles of T'ai Chi, maintaining circular continuity and on establishing a center between Yin/Yang dualities: substantial and insubstantial, full and empty, heavy and light, etc. The T'ai Chi, or Supreme Ultimate, provides the source of movement and stillness, and it births Yin and Yang. Our center provides a middle ground between excesses and deficiencies. Our movement from the center allows Yin and Yang to act independently. Stillness allows the two to merge into unity.

Establishing one's center requires mindful and persistent practice. Through diligent practice it is possible to understand one's energy field and attain spiritual enlightenment. Supernatural knowledge can be attained.

How can this occur? Developing familiarity with your intrinsic "empty and full" dualities will facilitate "letting go." It is this emptying which allows you to become sensitive. In learning a qigong form, the mind is persistently returned to what the body is doing. This introduces the practitioner to tranquility, it quietens and relaxes the mind, calming one's emotional nature.