Thursday, May 16, 2013

Qigong or Needlepoint Enlightenment? And the Advantage of Dissolving Qigong.

A needlepoint from Wikimedia, CC-BY-SA 3.0. Author Van Aldenhaag.
It may seem funny-odd, but both qigong and needlepoint are high on the scale of things that can help people have what are called "break-out" experiences that are characteristic of the enlightenment experience.  According to the book,"The Breakout Principle" by Herbert Benson and William Proctor, people need something that gets them into the zone that allows releases and peak experiences to occur.

These practices can include very ordinary things like folding the laundry, fishing, music and drumming.  Ritual practices like routine prayers and chants also fit the bill for having the potential to elevate one towards a breakout experience.  And obviously, meditation and yoga are on this list.

We can thus get into the "zone" that allows greater self-awareness by a variety of practices.  However, what is advantageous to using qigong dissolving meditations is that it skips one of the four parts of the process that leads to a new awareness as outlined by Benson and Proctor.  By practicing "letting go" or dissolving you condition yourself to have physical, emotional and spiritual releases. 

If you aren't aware of how Taoist dissolving meditation is done, read one of B. K. Frantzis' books like "Relaxing Into Your Being."  This introduction discusses the background information and it has exercises you can do to progressively become familiar with this method of conditioning yourself to release, become more self-aware and conscious and to be a more of a being of light.