Thursday, July 1, 2010

Standing Qigong Meditation

As Taoist lineage master Bruce Frantzis says, standing qigong is the million-dollar secret to qigong energy practice. It may not seem like one is doing anything by "just standing," but both gross and subtle changes occur while engaging in this practice. One must follow the proper postural recommendations and let the breath change from chest to abdominal breathing. During the course of standing, the body becomes both physically and energetically balanced. Relaxation and qi blockages (physical, emotional and spiritual) can be dissolved. It is from the physical and energetic foundation that is derived from this practice that one can advance further in moving qigong or Tai Chi forms.


  1. This is a great method of healing , I spend about 2 years in China practice Tai Chi and been healed with traditional medicine and the results were impressive. My general health conditions improved dramatically.

  2. The emotional healing health aspect of tai chi is seen with a reduction in the cortisol levels in the body. The reduction of this hormone helps to even out moods and give the participant the ability to be able to handle life's stresses in a more relaxed and calm manner and reduce their overall stress.

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