Sunday, July 31, 2011

Qigong Breathing Methods

There are two sites that I recommend which describe the first two stages in learning qigong breathing methods. The first is Following the Breath. This is where you learn to relax, allow distractions to disperse and then focus your intent. Some teachers would call this stage "training the monkey mind." The second step is to gradually work on the Stages in Abdominal Breathing. This blog entry describes the process of learning normal abdominal breathing.

Reverse abdominal breathing is an advanced method of Taoist respiration practiced by martial artists who practice tai chi chuan, ba gua and martial forms of qigong.  It is also used as a meditative technique for gathering qi in the dantien and increasing your total life force, making it of great utility in healing and disease prevention.

It is good to intellectually know these different methods and the sequence for learning them.  However, it is important to not leap forward before you have significant experience with the lower levels.  Thus, learning of reverse breathing should only occur after having some experience in the first two methods.  Be comfortable with each stage for at least a month before proceeding to the next stage.  Patience in learning these breathing methods will serve your progress well.

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